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The information at our website comes from many open sources.The descriptions and interpretations given here are intended to act as triggers to help you develop your own symbolic meanings. The description of a particular animal might seem uncannily accurate for one person, but not feel right for another. This is because we're all different. Spirit animals share their knowledge and guidance with us in different ways, also, and this can create different shadings of meanings. There is a profound spiritual relationship between human beings, nature, and the archetypal worlds. The purpose of these descriptions is to give you something to think about and to provide a starting point, which you can use to build your own symbology upon. If the same animal appears in several dreams over a period of time, it may well be your animal totem. This is especially the case if the animal appears in your dreams to help you make the right choices and decisions. However, the animals you see in your dreams are not necessarily your totem animals. Freud believed that dream animals frequently represented authority figures, including our parents. They can also be associated with primitive drives and instincts that we manage to repress in everyday life. They may also happen to be in your dream because you are dreaming about something that naturally includes animals. If you dream about a zoo, for instance, it would be surprising not to see a large number of animals. If you had a number of pets while you were growing up, any dreams you have about childhood would probably also include animals. Animals can also symbolize feelings that you may not wxmas to express in your everyday life. If you dream of an angry animal, for example, it could be a sign that you are repressing these feelings in your daily life.

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The information at our website comes from many open sources. Dream animals can represent different aspects of the dreamer and even predict the future. So at our website you can find all information about animals in your dreams.

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